Exploring the Politics of Long-Termism (Dutch Research Council)

Long-term challenges such as climate change and the ageing population are becoming increasingly urgent to address. Yet, thinking long-term is one of the most difficult tasks citizens and policy-makers face, as they deal with uncertainties, risks, and electoral constraints in a world driven by political myopia.

REGROUP: Rebuilding Governance and Resilience out of the Pandemic (Horizon EU)

The COVID-19 pandemic came at the end of a decade of social, economic, and political crises for Europe. It stalled economic recovery and affected democratic politics and governance throughout the continent, calling for institutional transformation at various levels.

The Transformation of Welfare States: Long-term challenges and opportunities

What lies ahead for the welfare state? What are the causes and consequences of welfare state opposition in the public sphere?

Differentiation in the European Union and the implications of Brexit on transnational governance

What are the causes and consequences of differentiation in the European Union? What impact does Brexit have on patterns of opposition to European integration?